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weekly theatre skills workshops for young people

Thoughts from past students, current students and volunteers




Lucy Tracey - Headshot

Lucy Tracey, past student and current volunteer tutor.


I was a member of Largs Youth Theatre for about eight years. The years spent in classes and on stage really helped me realise my passion for the performing arts and allowed my confidence to grow. There are so many memories, but my favourite show that I performed in was probably James and the Giant Peach.


I recently graduated with a BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre and start my postgraduate course in primary teaching later this year. Currently, I help out at LYT classes and also perform at children's birthday parties dressed as Queen Elsa!


My advice to those who are in LYT or planning on joining is to have fun and get all that you can from the experience! Before you know it you'll be in sixth year and it'll be time to leave. I learned so much from my time at the youth theatre, it was my favourite after school activity!


Jenna Kirk, past student.


I was a member of LYT for about eight years. I loved coming along every week, it was a great way to be social and creative at the same time. I really liked the improvisations games, you never knew what was coming and I certainly had to pretend to be some…interesting…characters.


LYT helped me learn how to project my voice to better my public speaking. I also learned the value of teamwork – working with a great group of people and knowing everyone wants to do their best for each other is always a lovely feeling. A particular highlight was a show we did about the Viking times. It had everything from serious drama to very over the top musical numbers and we even got to make a DVD version.


I currently attend the University of Glasgow studying for a degree in geography. Even though I am not sure what I want to do in the future, I know that I am interested in geography and want to do something that involves what I’ve learned at University.

I am very pleased that the youth theatre is still going strong. You reap the benefits not only when attending classes but also long after you’ve left.



Jill Gilchrist, volunteer


Having been a graduate of Peggy Inglis School of Dance and latterly Step by Step, Barrfields and the theatre has always had a place in my heart and being involved with LYT lets me pass on that love and experience to a whole new generation. Laterally being stage manager for Stories on Stage showed me how much those kids grow in confidence and ability and watching them flourish is the reason why I do it.

Derren Milligan, current student


I love being in the youth theatre. The shows are brilliant fun to do, I liked painting the scenery for the shows. I enjoy the singing and acting silly. I've made lots of new friends. I've learned lots to help me do my shows at school. I like doing the warm ups as they are fun.

Louise Milligan, parent volunteer


I have been so impressed with everyone involved in LYT. I had no idea how much was involved in the running of the youth theatre until I started volunteering. I've helped out back stage, front of house and even mucked in with the set painting. It's been wonderful to watch the talented students blossom. I recommend that every parent should try and help out in some way as it is so rewarding. We are so lucky to have this group in our area and it will only get better with the help of the volunteers.

Lynne Cameron-Finn, parent volunteer


My eldest child joined Largs youth theatre 6 years ago with the youngest following suit 4 years later. I have volunteered with the youth theatre for the last 3/4 years starting off with helping look after children back stage at shows, to being part of the committee and even being on stage in The Wizard of Oz. It's a great organisation to be a part of - everyone is professional but fun with all the focus being on the kids and getting the best out of them and finding fun ways to do so. I originally volunteered just to help out at shows and to keep an eye on my boy. The more I helped the more I realised how much hard work and dedication was involved by all the staff and the committee members. It wasn't until I took part in Oz though that I truly understood the work that goes into a show or the vital part that volunteers play - from front of house, back stage , props, costumes, stewarding kids etc . It's a massive team effort ! To me the youth theatre is a vital part of the Largs community - and one of the reasons we have such a vibrant Largs players and operatic society. Volunteering for the youth theatre has also given me a lot back - it's given me the opportunity to meet lots of new people and also the confidence to join the Largs operatic society and perform for myself. To summarise giving up a little time and investing in your children can only be a good thing and it might be great for you too